MRIJA - Employment Agency

Are you looking for an employee?
- Great! The best way out is to contact our Agency MRIJA Consulting and hire employees!
How much will it cost me?

You will have to pay for an unskilled worker from PLN 32 / hour net, for a skilled worker from PLN 40 / hour net.

Why is it so expensive? My business friends pay much less !!!

- When hiring an employee from the Agency, the employer pays for the effectively worked hour. Permanent workers do not care about efficient work because they are paid for every hour they spend at work. Therefore, the cost of such an employee increases and his productivity decreases.

What to do? How to get good employees at an optimal price?

- There's a way out! Sign a contract with one of our production companies MRIJA Construktion or MRIJA Production, which will be your contractor. You only pay for the specific work done, you have a guarantee of savings!

What will the costing of such services look like?

Contractor's services are usually taken as piecework, depending on the units produced. The contractor's services can also be converted into working hours for which a fixed rate will be charged. (If one part is to be produced in 3 hours, you pay for 1 part only as 3 hours, no matter how long it takes.)

How much will the contractor's services cost me?

If you roughly convert the cost of work into hours, you will pay for unskilled work services from PLN 26 / hour net, and for qualified work from PLN 30 / hour net

What benefits will I get if I choose a contractor's services?

- First, you are not responsible for the contractor's employees
- Second, if the amount of work goes up or down, you don't have to lay off or look for new employees.
- Third, you don't care about your employees' accommodation, medical care, holidays and other minor problems.

If one of the suggested options suits me,
where should I start?

- Start with a simple consultation with our managers
Sergij Krywoszejew
+48 508 378 301
Aleksander Polak
+48 606 888 111
10+ years
of experience

What kind of company we are ?

To better understand what MRIJA is, we will briefly explain how it works.

MRIJA in translation from Ukrainian means DREAM.

MRIJA is not an ordinary employment agency. The company has many years of experience, a modern structure and a non-standard approach. Thanks to this, we provide the highest level of comprehensive services related to increasing the company's human resources.

MRIJA is a brand that is made up of a network of companies of the same name that provide services in various industries, such as: manufacturing, construction, metalworking and other types of services.


MRIJA cooperates with many regular contractors, thanks to which it has access to an unlimited number of experienced professionals needed to perform services.


MRIJA closely cooperates with Euler Hermes and KRD, thanks to which it ranks high in the ranking of reliable companies and has the support of Polish banks.


MRIJA has signed contracts with over 50 Polish manufacturing companies providing various services. The annual MRIJA turnover amounts to PLN 60,000,000.


Due to such a structure of cooperation, MRIJA is a reliable partner and a guarantor of fulfilling its obligations both towards its clients and contractors.


As of today, MRIJA employs over 1000 people, citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries in Poland.

Direct employment

Due to the fact that our company has signed contracts with direct Polish employers, we employ employees directly in our company.

Advantages of working with us

Due to the company's many years of experience as an employment agency, Mrija specialized in the recruitment of foreign employees. Starting with the search for candidates abroad, and ending with support during possible checks by the PIP and the border guard. The company is aware of both the difficulties faced by employers when looking for an employee and the difficulties they encounter when hiring an employee and maintaining it as a work unit. From the experience of the company Mrija it follows that the best option for the manufacturer's company is to hire employees from the employment agency.

The main advantages of hiring employees:

No problems associated with the adaptation of employees

Foreigners come not only for seasonal work, the vast majority want to obtain the right to legalize their stay by obtaining permanent residence and then citizenship. Often they plan to bring their family. In addition, the language barrier in dealing with basic questions such as "where to buy?", "How to get there?", "How to solve personal problems?". Assistance in this regard is usually expected from the employer.

Minimum financial costs and risks when hiring an employee

When employing foreigners, you should take into account additional costs, such as: renting a flat, which involves additional costs - payment of a deposit (usually non-returnable), payment of rent during the termination of the contract. In many cases, employees immediately after arriving in Poland do not have private funds, so they are forced to collect advances, which can reach up to 80% of remuneration.

The minimum liability that is often borne by the employer when hiring foreigners

The labor law of foreigners is often changed or supplemented (often not in favor of the employer), so you need to be up to date with changes in the labor law. Penalties for breaking labor law in Poland are very severe!

No staff turnover problems

A dismissal for a foreigner is a huge problem, the source of income earned in a foreign country is the main reason for him to stay abroad. Every employee wants to receive compensation for dismissal or help in finding a new job. The employer may also face the problem of quickly finding a new employee to replace.